Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Blog.

I've missed you so. I miss documenting the recipes I make (although new recipes are fewer these days). I miss having the time to take pictures of the final result. I miss having a "food diary" to flip through when I'm needing inspiration.

I told myself that this was the year I'd get back into blogging. Doesn't seem to be going so well, does it? My little veggie boy has gotten so big these days - and he's always on the move. We spend our days at playgrounds, playdates and on the go. Cooking has slipped to the side, and I find I use my slow cooker more then any other appliance in the kitchen these days. Occasional bouts of necessitated dairy-freeness (if that's even a word) have encouraged me to head for vegan recipes much more then in the past. And leaving New York City and moving upstate has changed life even more.

Yes, big changes have been afoot in the Veggie Kitchen since last summer. I haven't forgotten about my little blog, and I do hope to come back to blogging regularly soon. Perhaps even this week....