Monday, June 30, 2008

Arepas... a Venezualan favorite.pbrea

I'm trying to get back into the swing of posting again.  Even during my "time off", I did occasionally photograph memorable meals.  Once a blogger, always a blogger I guess.  So, I'm combing back through the archives to see what I can share. 

Several months ago, the gluten free girl posted a wonderful how to make arepas post on her blog. We had some leftover black beans in the fridge, and breakfast was decided.  M. and I first tasted arepas, a cornmeal pancakey piece of gluten-free deliciousness, when my parents were living in Venezuala.  We were both taken by the arepa's versatility.... arepa with cheese - delicious!  Arepa with ham and cheese (if that's your thing) is (reportedly) delicious!  My personal favorite is an arepa sliced open like a sandwich with black beans and melted cheese.  Mmm!  

If arepas interest you, please check out the link above.  Shauna's attention to detail (not to mention step-by-step photographs) will encourage you to try this deliciousness for yourself. 

And in writing this post, now I want arepas again!  :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I know... I've gone missing again.

It's amazing how that happens.  Four months ago I was busily preparing a cake for the Easter celebration with my in-laws. And then, I found out that the Veggie Kitchen will have a new little veggie arriving in late November.  

Almost overnight, my interest in the kitchen faded, my interest in napping increased and M. has resumed primary food preparation duties.  Living life without my typical love of cooking and food has been interesting.  The cooking magazines are piling up with their recipes untried.  The cookbooks live mournfully on the shelf waiting to be taken down and used again.  I've even stopped buying new ones - a day M. never thought he'd see!  

But rest assured, all is well.  As the summer wears on and my workload decreases, I hope to get back into the kitchen more.  After all, I will want to try my hand at homemade baby food when that time comes!  So, keep checking back.  I do hope to return to regular posting one day soon.