Monday, June 30, 2008

Arepas... a Venezualan favorite.pbrea

I'm trying to get back into the swing of posting again.  Even during my "time off", I did occasionally photograph memorable meals.  Once a blogger, always a blogger I guess.  So, I'm combing back through the archives to see what I can share. 

Several months ago, the gluten free girl posted a wonderful how to make arepas post on her blog. We had some leftover black beans in the fridge, and breakfast was decided.  M. and I first tasted arepas, a cornmeal pancakey piece of gluten-free deliciousness, when my parents were living in Venezuala.  We were both taken by the arepa's versatility.... arepa with cheese - delicious!  Arepa with ham and cheese (if that's your thing) is (reportedly) delicious!  My personal favorite is an arepa sliced open like a sandwich with black beans and melted cheese.  Mmm!  

If arepas interest you, please check out the link above.  Shauna's attention to detail (not to mention step-by-step photographs) will encourage you to try this deliciousness for yourself. 

And in writing this post, now I want arepas again!  :)

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Nane said...

Congrats on your great news- was wondering if you'd given up the ghost when I'd just discovered this little jewel of a blog.As we say in Ireland "more power to your elbow"-it means keep up the good work:)