Monday, June 26, 2006

A farewell to an old friend...

Ah ... the memories. The many sleepy evenings when you made us tasty espresso with a crema to die for. Now its time to share the wealth.

This was our old coffee maker. It was cute, it used Nespresso pods and enabled us to switch from decaf to a variety of coffees from cup to cup. M. became quite the mean coffee maker with our trusty machine by his side.

But now we have a new one. And not just any new one. But a fancy-schmancy coffee maker that does everything except grow the beans. Although give it time on that one. M. works in an office which for the longest time was relatively unused. Many people work from home or visit the office only once or twice a week in his line of work. So, he spent long hours working with relatively few people around. Long hours require caffeine for ultimate productivity so he and the fancy-schmancy coffee maker that ground the beans and made espressos/lattes/cappucinos all at the touch of a button became quite good friends.

Fast forward a couple years, and the powers that be at M.'s office weren't satisfied with the fancy-schmancy coffee machine. It was time for a fancier-schmancier coffee machine. And they offered M. his caffeinated office friend - to bring home. So M. did.

And here it is. Mr. Fancy Schmancy coffee machine himself residing in our humble abode. There is something so cool about hearing the beans being ground, the coffee being made and not having to do much more than push a button (or two).

The kicker of the whole story is that I'm not that big on coffee. I've always been much more of a tea drinker myself. But I'm learning.....

And the question on everyone's mind - what will happen to our old trusty coffee machine? It will be on its way to a new home where it will be loved and used often. It will be winging (okay trucking) its way to Florida shortly where it will become the object of my parents' undying caffeinated affection.

So there is a happy ending to the story....

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