Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tale of a Happy Kitty

I was totally planning on catching up and posting some of the things I've made in the past week. But then I was at the pet store. And I bought kitty litter, and refills for Helios' Alpine Scratcher. And his glee and excitement and catnip-induced happiness was just too adorable to resist.

So, I bring you - the Tale of a Happy Kitty

It takes so little to make them so happy! A feel good ending to yet another day.


crystal said...

He is TOO cute. I wish Roux would use a scratcher. Aside from my couch, I mean. :)

helios said...

Oh don't worry. He uses our couch quite happily too!


annulla said...

Funny that I stumbled across this post today. I just sprinkled a handful of catnip over the cardboard cat scratcher near the door, and am now watching a very stoned, very happy kitty.