Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It is a little bit chilly up here in the Northeast. I'm not complaining; the sixty degree days we experienced in early January were a bit ridiculous for my wintry tastes. But, there's no doubting that winter with icy winds and breathtakingly biting cold has found us now.

And I made a delightful discovery that will make all the wintry days still to come a little bit more bearable. I found Green and Black's Maya Gold Hot Chocolate. Now, I must confess, I'm really a milk chocolate girl. I prefer it. I'm learning to appreciate dark chocolate, but give me a choice and I'm going for the milk. Maya Gold though is fast becoming an exception. There's something about the hint of orange and the spices that make it seem much sweeter than typical dark chocolate. My other Maya Gold experiences have been in bar form; however, once I saw this little canister lurking at my natural foods store, I knew it had to be mine. Within ten minutes of walking in the door, the scene you see above had unfolded on my kitchen counter.


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