Saturday, July 15, 2006

Busy in the kitchen.

We're heading off to New Jersey to spend the weekend with M.'s family soon. This, plus our upcoming vacation to Mexico has prompted me to crank out as much as I can with what we have so as to prevent food from going to waste.

Looking at our peaches this morning prompted me to think about using a couple in some muffins. Of course, I also had the ultimate in organic food experience. I was looking at a peach that was well past its prime, and something looked back! A little worm stuck its head out of the hole around the stem. Needless to say that peach went straight into the trash, and nowhere near my muffins! I like my food fresh from the earth, but that was a little bit too fresh if you know what I mean!

And, last night while cooking our dinner, I also prepared a couscous salad to take. I based it off the Cooking Light Recipe Lemony Couscous with Mint, Feta and Dill, found here but I changed so much I can hardly say that I made the recipe (although it does look good).

Here are pictures of some of the things I've made, with recipes to follow at a later time.

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Tanna said...

Well, I'll be waiting. Both look worth waiting for.