Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hasta la vista!

This veggie kitchen will be closed until July 26th when I will officially be 2 days into my 28th year, and back from a Mexican vacation. M. and I leave tomorrow morning EARLY and I'm not cooking tonight. In fact, I'll be departing to donate an hour and a half of my time to fulfill our CSA requirement. Why I picked the day before vacation, I'll never know. It seemed like a great idea in the beginning of June. Not so much now. So off I'll go into the 100+ heat index shortly to sit and watch people sign pieces of paper for an hour and a half. Fun fun. Did I mention the CSA pick-up place is gross and hot on a good day, let alone a stinker like today?

Anyways, M. and I are off for some lying by the pool, lying by the beach and just all around relaxing. So, hope everyone will remember to come back next week when I'm sure I'll be ready to cook and bake with a vengeance after eating "out" for a week (and will have amazing vacation pictures to of course brag about and post to inspire much jealousy). Have a great week folks, and see you next Wednesday!

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crystal said...

Have a wonderful vacation, and happy birthday!