Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CSA overdrive.

Well, I guess I should stop whining about how our CSA isn't meeting our fruit and veggie needs. They did a pretty good job this week - not too much will be needed to supplement!

14 peaches (I love the way they tell us how many. Not a handful of peaches - 14!)

A beautiful bunch of beets with greens attached.

A bunch of lettuce and a bunch of radicchio. And yes, the one on the right is radicchio. I got up to check, because I started to doubt myself of its authenticity not seeing the dark red leaves. But they're inside the green.

Some beautiful red onions - and my can of Fresca. Oops.

Blurry rosemary.

Fresh fava beans, which I've never played with before.

And, flowers.

Oh, and 2 quarts of cherries which I somehow forgot to photograph. Hmm. Oh well, let the cooking challenge begin! Stay tuned for beet, fava bean, red onion and radicchio recipes to come!


Hannibal said...

a nice chianti would go with those fava beans.

Lisa said...

Mmm, I'm jealous of the fava beans. I haven't found anyone at my market who grows them. Really want to get my hands on some fresh ones!

All this talk about CSA shares on blogs this summer is tempting me to get back into one next year...

crystal said...

Oooh, that looks fabulous. And cherries! Sheesh!

Cris said...

That looks so AWESOME! Was wondering if you have tomato recipes to share. I'm getting ready to harvesting a massive amount of heirloom tomatoes from my garden and frankly, I just know to make pasta sauce and salads with them. Need your expertise when you get a chance.

Thank you!

Joe said...

I need to find a CSA - it would certainly be a fun way to get some different veggies in!

helios said...

Cris- I've been thinking of what I can suggest to you in terms of heirloom tomato recipes. In the short time my blog has existed, I've made a tomato tart, plus the risotto and fresh tomato sauce I posted recently. And caprese salad of course! If you look back through the postings that might help. Also, I'm a big fan of just a tomato sandwich - lightly toasted bread, mayo, basil and tomatoes. Yum! Hope that helps...

Cris said...

The tomato sandwich souds great. I did file away all your other tomato goodies, thanks. Wish I can share my garden tomatoes with you!

Best regards!