Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Coming clean.

So, I feel I have to come clean. There doesn't seem to be much coming out of my kitchen this week. Except cans of soup - empty! I have a bad cold, I have 11 approximately first grade aged kids with special needs exhausting my not-feeling-well self and I've been getting to work far too early, and staying at work far too late every day. So I'm coming to terms with it. I'm going to give myself a break about not cooking. I'm not going to beat myself up about it, although I do have to do SOMETHING with the barley I cooked a couple nights ago but I don't think it'll be the recipe I originally intended.

So yes. September is a challenge for teachers. Every year you forget, but every September it comes crashing back. Kids don't know routines, they don't know what to do and the energy it takes to sustain them through the day is just amazing. Especially the population I teach - there are times I'm practically singing and dancing just to keep them listening to me. And I'm no singer/dancer - take my word for it! And, I have THAT CLASS - at least right now. The one no one else can do anything with and are thrilled to see leave. It does make me feel better about being so tired though - if the librarian was as exhausted as she was after 30 minutes, then I'm doing okay dealing with them all day.

So - I'm being content with my loserness this week, I'm drinking lots of hot tea and I will be cooking up a storm this weekend so make sure to come back. I've got a fridge full of veggies that aren't getting any younger, so desperation will definitely lead to inspiration, cooking overdrive and use up mode over the weekend.

Here's an old picture of Helios so that this post isn't totally boring. :)


Joe said...

Hope you feel better!

DiploStrat said...


Get better soon. Take one cat and call yer mum in the morning!

DiploStrat ;-)

helios said...

Joe - thanks for the good wishes!

Dad - Have cat, and will definitely give Mom a call soon. :)