Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm still here... I promise! I had a busy weekend with lots of socializing and really not too much inspired cooking. An old college friend and her fiance were in town, so instead of cooking lots of things for the week on my Sunday afternoon - I spent time with them. Which was decidedly a ton of fun and worth every single moment, but it does mean I haven't been busy in the kitchen. I did modify this recipe to make a eggplant parmigiana on Friday night, however it wasn't documented and really wasn't all THAT inspired. But it was cooking dinner on a Friday night - that part was impressive if I may say so myself!

Tonight I was supposed to make soup but I got home quite late. So no dice again. But, once I have my delicious can of soup for dinner, I am hoping to make a barley edamame salad from this month's Cooking Light for lunches this week. Assuming that all goes well, I'll have an actual cooking post tomorrow!

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of my home away from home aka my classroom. :)

The art shelf in the back and the reading/math game shelf on the side.

A global view.

Our writing center. Don't you like the job chart? I made it. :)

And do you see what time is on the clock? This is why I haven't been cooking as much - but it will get better. This I vow.

Stay tuned...


Fleagirl said...

What a wonderful, happy-seeming classroom. I love all the bright, natural light, and the warmth that your decorations bring the room. THAT CLASS is lucky to have you, as are all their parents. Keep it up!

(in my kid's school, all the 4th grade classes were relegated to portables. Poor Bug.)

helios said...

Fleagirl - thanks for the feedback. I am pretty proud of my classroom, I thin it has the calming yet inviting feel that I was going for!