Sunday, June 03, 2007

The New Digs

We are so excited about our new apartment that I can't resist posting a couple peeks. And I also know my mom is dying to see some pictures. So, two birds with one stone yada yada ... Feel free to skip this post if it doesn't interest you - I would totally understand although I do love looking at pictures of bloggers' homes myself.

This is one view of the living room. I took it crouched from one corner, so that's why the angle is a touch off. It's a hard room to photograph, since it is open along one side.

Here's a view from a more central position.

Two views of the kitchen/dining room. One came out a bit blurry - sorry about that!

A couple pictures of the space fast becoming one of our favorites. M. has done all the work on making this a garden. We arrived to one Japanese maple tree and a few planted bulbs, he's done the rest. The large metal ladder is an old-school clothes line tower. A rope would run from the building out to the ladder, but since each apartment needed their own line it had to be tall enough to accommodate the three floors of the building. All the buildings have them, I don't know if they are a Brooklyn thing or common to many cities, but it was a new concept to us.

And, finally perhaps the room most important to those of us who love food but aren't gifted with high speed metabolisms - the home gym. There was a point in time I made it to the gym quite frequently, however in the past couple years my schedule has made that very difficult. As a result, I'm excited to have a means to get moving right here at home. And I'm proud to say I've used the elliptical a fair amount since it arrived, and plan on using it more and more as my schedule eases this summer.

Hope you enjoyed the peek into our new space. Now my kitchen is set up, there will be many cooking and more traditional posts to come. And, with our new grill, the world of outdoor vegetarian grilling is now beckoning. So, make sure to come back and see what's cooking! :)


Holler said...

I love looking around peoples houses, what a nosey parker I am!

I looks like it is becoming home!

I especially like your diningroom and the geometric paintings on the wall of your livingroom, did you paint those?

Helios said...

Holler - thanks for the compliment about the paintings. I actually did not, but my husband did. He will be thrilled that they stood out enough to warrant a comment! :)

kickpleat said...

i love your place! so spacious and the garden is simply wonderful. hooray for new spaces and getting settled. we're still working on ours and i've been completely obsessed with gardening. enjoy!

Trev said...

Apart looks good, Heather. I like the patio/backyard area a lot (Steaks, er, tofu on the grill anyone?). Will be cleaning my apartment this afternoon before I hit the gym, so I'll take some pics after and post them up for the world to see.

Helios said...

kickpleat - I too am getting into the gardening thing. Three hours of weeding today - yikes!

Trev- thanks kidlet. And tofu on the grill is quite tasty thank you very much! :) When will you be coming to taste for yourself? :)