Tuesday, August 15, 2006

CSA bounty

I'm back in New York, and its good to be home. It is always anti-climactic to come home during the day, as no one is around to greet you. After all, M. is not blessed with a teacher's schedule and actually has to work during the summer. But, Helios was pleased to see me and left furry orange evidence all over my black shirt. I think his orange fur is especially drawn to black clothing; it seems like the whole shedding process is some freakish scientific phenomenon of simply inescapable magnetic draw or something. Or something like that.

The flight was fine, and actually almost empty. I moved from my originally assigned seat to a window directly across the aisle. There was no one in the two seats next to me. In fact, I didn't see more than a person in a row when I glanced up and down the plane. Since I went through security at (yawn) 7:20 am, my line was held up for few moments by people who seemed to think the no liquids and gels rule really didn't apply to them, but only for a few moments. The whole process was surpisingly efficient, and everyone was on their best behavior (minus the aforementioned people).

So, after a quick sojourn to the gymnasium, I went to fetch our weekly veggies. I did get smart this week, and combined some of the pictures. The item by item process was just too laborious. So.... here we go:

Sunny sunflowers

Peaches and nectarines (3 pounds of each!)

A bowlful (or three pounds) of plums

The cute little apples are back. Having just sampled one, we have two pounds minus one apple left. :)

And, the veggies. Here we go clockwise - yellow grape tomatoes (which M. is going to be lucky to see any of - they're so good!), rainbow chard, a bag of green beans, romaine lettuce, three leeks and a white eggplant.

And with all that loot - we're going out for dinner. Off to try a restaurant M. has wanted to go to for sometime for a little "date night".

I leave you with Helios, checking out the new sunflower arrival.

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Tanna said...

That seems like a great home coming! Love the sunflowers and the kitty!
Fruits are divine!