Thursday, August 24, 2006


Hello internet folks. I didn't mean to disappear on you but it has been a surprisingly busy week. I'm in the middle of several projects (which turned out to be more time consuming then predicted) and just haven't been doing much cooking.

For example, there is this disaster also known as what was our living room also known as me trying to get myself organized. And yes folks, I left this project until the very end of the summer. Why? Beats me. I'm taking all the papers and teaching materials accumulated through 2 masters degrees and six years of teaching and trying to organize it into files. Which will then live in a little file cabinet where I'll be able to find things and stop reinventing the wheel. But I've a ways to go - that white cube and the open black container are both full. Sigh..........

As you can see, Helios is not impressed with this project at all. I think it is because while he does like to sit on papers and things, he finds this general snowstorm of papers to be a bit overwhelming. It's overkill, even for him.

And then there's this little children's book project I have been working on all summer. See, most teachers have a nice little children's book collection accumulated over time. Well, the schools I've taught in have provided books, so my collection didn't grow as well as it should. Meaning, buying a book here or there really won't cut it for a classroom reliant on my own personal library. So I've spent much of the summer combing ebay and buying lots of second-hand children's books. And then I had the bright idea of making a master list (divided by subject of course) so that I'll know what books I have and can hopefully keep track of them. Great idea, but I'm sure hating it now. Sitting and typing titles and authors of books getsvery boring after a (suprisingly short) while.

So both of those projects need to be tackled today and I'm powering through and not stopping to cook a fantastic meal. I didn't get much done yesterday because M. and I met friends to listen to an opera concert in the park. We picnicked, we drank wine and listened to beautiful music. It was tons of fun, but didn't help the state of our living room. And so, full speed ahead today! Accordingly, there will be no yummy recipe post. To compensate for this fact, I will leave you with yummy fruits and vegetables courtesy of this week's Community Supported Agriculture pickup.

The veggie roundup - (beginning at the bottom) okra, basil, summer squash and lettuce.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... I'd say we've got a good week here.

A bowl full of mixed plums...

A bowl full of nectarines and peaches.

A lovely eggplant. I tried to pick the biggest one. I'm greedy like that! :)

And that's that! Stay tuned - there will be some wonderful cooking soon, just not today. But tomorrow... that's another story!

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