Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hominy-Pinto Burgers with Roasted Poblano Peppers

This was dinner tonight (along with corn, baked sweet potato fries and sauteed vegetables). Overall, we were pretty unimpressed. I was excited to use hominy - I've never used it before and bought a can specifically at Whole Foods just to try. But this recipe just seemed dry, and somewhat tasteless. Even with the creamy sauce and roasted chile, it just lacked zip for us. We ended up sprinkling salt on the burgers and that made them a little better but overall this recipe will not warrant repeating in this household.

The plus side -the burgers came together pretty quickly. They didn't fall apart while cooking, and resembled Cooking Light's photograph quite closely. When not cooking tons of vegetables on the side in preparation for upcoming trip, this recipe would have come together very quickly indeed.

The down side - we just didn't think this recipe was a winner. The taste was lacking for us, and as a result the meal just seemed a little blah. Overall, this was a disappointment.

It is late, and I'm feeling quite tired. So, I'm not going to post the recipe here. But if my less than raving review hasn't put you off trying these vegetarian burgers, you can find the recipe on the Cooking Light website here.

I'm off to Florida, but will do my best to remember my Blogger password and id so that I can post from there! Stay tuned... Florida adventures are coming soon.

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Tanna said...

We're looking forward to the Florida adventures.

helios said...

Hopefullly they'll be worth looking forward to!