Saturday, August 05, 2006

The kitchen is closed.

For the third night in a row I have a social engagement to attend to. This is quite unusual for me, however I admit enjoying the feeling of "having plans" as much as I'm missing thinking about what to make for dinner. Don't misunderstand me, I love going out and seeing friends as much as the next person. But, being somewhat of a homebody as well, I am equally as happy at home trying a new recipe followed by reading a good book, or watching a new Netflix. So, to have three social engagements in a row is quite unusual for me, but I delight in the change of routine. At least this time M. will be joining me - he's been working late the past two nights. Newly-engaged friends of ours are in town from Boston, so the college gang is getting together for dinner and who knows what afterwards.

This morning, I ventured out to my local Farmer's Market in order to spice up our lunchtime salads. I found some corn, heirloom tomatoes, two baby cantalopes, nectarines and luscious looking blackberries. It was so lovely to walk to the Farmer's Market now that the oppressive heat from this week has lifted, and life seems so much more enjoyable as a result. I'm really not a fan of summer, and cannot wait for the cooler autumn months coming up. Fall is my favorite season, and it is only the delicious anticipation of it that keeps me going through these sticky summer months. That, and contemplating new ways to use the wonderful bounty of fresh produce available during the summer.

My beautiful, if slightly blurry, blackberries.

This bounty of fresh fruit got M.'s mind working. It began when he cut up two mangoes while I prepared our lunch salads. I commented that the juicy mango was begging to be made into a daquiri, and then thought no more of it. Several hours later, M. announced he was going to create a Mango-Nectarine Daquiri. He set to work, and behold the beautiful result!

M.'s Mango-Nectarine Daquiri
serves 1

My notes - I added a packet of Splenda to my daquiri as I wanted it just a little bit sweeter, but that is entirely dependent on taste.

3oz fresh mango/nectarine puree (approximately one quarter cup diced mango and 1 nectarine peeled and diced, and blended in a blender until liquid)
1 - 11/2 oz of rum (depending on taste)
1/4 oz Grand Marnier

Add to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously, and pour into martini glass. Enjoy!


Tanna said...

Hope you had a good time.
The Mango-Nectarine Daquiri looks like it would fly one!!!
Cooler you say, wow, I can wish. Our night time cool here is 84.

Joe said...

"But, being somewhat of a homebody as well, I am equally as happy at home trying a new recipe followed by reading a good book, or watching a new Netflix"

Us too!