Friday, August 18, 2006

Lazy lazy day.

This picture of Helios kind of summarizes the day we've had. He's been doing that all day long - lazy kitty!

I've at least been somewhat productive, although don't fool yourself. There have also been opportunities for increased productivity that were not taken advantage of. Was watching both episodes of old ER's on TNT this morning really necessary? Probably not. :)

Oh well, at least I get credit for those being "teacher books" and not reading for fun books. I actually accomplished a fair bit - the wheels are turning towards those first few days of school.

And I just have to show off my marinara containers, tagged and neatly arranged in our freezer.

But that's about all that's happening in my kitchen tonight, except for maybe the emptying of the dishwasher if I get really motivated. M. is working late, and I'm going to order veggie sushi. Yum!

Now, the only question is - do I drag myself to the gym, or do I call it quits on that too and have a glass of wine? many difficult decisions in life. :) Happy weekend!

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crystal said...

Oh, how I love Helios... :)